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Discovering The Wholesome Woman

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The woman

Discovering the wholesome woman is an outreach of HarvestSprings Ministries with a mandate and heart to assist God’s daughters in realising Gods’ original design for their life.
The challenges and traumas of life often knock us away from God’s original purpose and plans for our lives, our careers, our relationships and families.

Discovering the wholesome woman is spiritual and practical, revealing God’s original purpose and equipping you with the wisdom, guidance and support you need to realise your full potential and heal the wounds of the past.

Discovering the wholesome woman is God’s call to all His daughters to restore them to His original intentions as Queens in His earth. We do this through a weekly prayer line which you can join from anywhere in the world and a bi-monthly breakfast meeting with an intimate number of people.  This is intentional so that we get to spend time with all attendees and prophetically minister as the Lord leads. 

Prayer is the mechanism that facilitates transformation. James 4:2 says we do not receive because we do not ask, there is a need to continuously pray until we see God’s original design, just like the woman and the judge parable that Jesus shared in Luke 18 v 1-8

Our Prayer line runs every Thursday at 5:30am UK time for an hour. Contact us at  for our prayer line conference call details.

To book a place on our next event and all future events please go to:

It will be a time of worship, hearing from God and leaving equipped to take the next big step in life.